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This competency-based course integrates reading and writing skills development for two grade levels – Levels 7 and 8. It provides systematic vocabulary instruction, emphasizes the writing process, strengthens content area reading and writing skills, and develops reference and study skills. This integrated course prepares students to enter the Adult Secondary Education Program in order to earn a high school diploma or study for the GED, or to enter a vocational training program. This course is aligned with the English-Language Arts Content Standards for California Public Schools, and integrates SCANS and CASAS competencies.



  1. Ability to read at 7.0 grade level as measured by the TABE D 7/8.
  2. Writing fluency at the Basic Language Arts- Advanced (53-03-83) placement level, determined by a student writing sample evaluated by the incoming ABE teacher according to the Basic Language Arts Writing Rubric.

This course combines two previous courses – Basic Reading Advanced (53-03-63) and Basic Language Arts- Advanced (53-03-83) into one integrated course. This course utilizes the same texts; no new texts are required. Refer to the courses mentioned above for a complete listing of competencies covered.



  • English Spanish
  • Student SSO Activation